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Compendium Good Night Monster Gift Set

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Once upon a time there was ...a monster! But this monster was a very special kind of monster. He was a friend and nighttime guardian. And when his humans were all tucked into bed? You'll have to read Good Night Monster to get all the details.

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Product description

Good Night Monster, written by Ruth Austin and illustrated by Katie Harnett, will quickly be your favorite bedtime story.   The best part is the For Grown-Ups only memo inside.   Making your favorite book come to life is priceless.   Be sure to give your new monster friend a name!

Bedtime can stir up all kinds of emotions for any child.  Many books talk about your bedtime monster but none come with this adorable plush monster.  This toy will soon become your child’s very own nighttime guardian, a friend for building confidence at bedtime.

Don't forget to tuck all in together as one settles down for the night.

Hardcover book with 32 pages of frolicking fun for our little monster as he guards you while you sleep!




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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review